My good friend Lauren Gray, current PRSSA National Vice President of Public Relations and next year’s National Committee President, shares how important it is for PR students to be a part of PRSSA while they are in school and how it will better prepare students for the real world. As for me, it was best decision I ever made in my life and I’m reaping the benefits of it.

Intentional Progressive: LKG

*this is a very straightforward post about why students should take advantage of PRSSA and other pre-professional organizations. 


If you are in public relations or communications in general and you’re not a member of PRSSA, you really are missing out and you have missed one of the biggest opportunities you will come across. The quote in the title was an actual quote said to my brother by a communication student. Full evaluation + explanation below.

I think it is always shocking when people do not want to be a member of the largest pre-professional organization in the world… and I think it’s shocking when people do not want to join a professional organization to better themselves in general. You get out of this organization what you put into it.

Contrary to popular belief, PRSSA is not everything I am and I do a lot of other things and am…

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