My good friend Lauren Rosenbaum shares some helpful tips on how public relations professionals can look and feel their best for success.


If branding is huge in Public Relations, then it’s huge on an everyday level. While promoting your organization, you are also your own walking brand.

So in order to preserve your namesake and avoid minor malfunctions, check out these tips for everyday use in the workplace.

1. Use a straw.

If you must have your Starbucks (or coffee) every morning, like I do, then you face the problem of potentially stained teeth. The simple fix: put a straw in your coffee. It may seem absurd, but it allows the coffee to bypass your teeth and keep those beautiful whites still as sparkly as ever. After your morning coffee, use mints instead of gum to freshen your breath. Or my favorite: Colgate Wisps.

2. Organize your workspace.
This may sound like a no-brainer but it’s not. The best work gets done when you feel like you are organized and…

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