March Update: 2012 still sluggish but forging ahead

Things have been a bit sluggish since the year began.

It feels weird that now that I’ve graduated, I don’t have to go to any classes anymore although I kind of wish I was still taking some. I miss the experience of constantly keeping myself busy by learning new things each day. I still have my sights set on grad school in the near future.

I do, however, still have my internship and have participated in some events lately for my local PRSA chapter. I actively continue to apply for jobs and interview for some of them as well. Like the current GOP presidential primary season, it’s a process I hope won’t drag on until June or August.

In the meantime, with a lot of free time on hand, I find whatever I can to keep myself busy as much as possible. As a political junkie, watching the GOP primaries and caucuses covered by the cable news outlets seems to get me excited. Even though I’m not a Republican, it’s always fun to see the political process play out especially in an election year like this.

Perhaps I can take this time to do other things as well. I may consider to learn how to ride a bike (it’s a complicated story), learn how to drive (that too), prepare for the GMAT for grad school (never too early), travel more (has to do more with timing than budget) among others.

Did I mention I’m going to Albuquerque in early April via Amtrak? It should be a fun little weekend trip. Look forward to a post on here shortly after.

Anything else I should consider doing while I have all this free time? I’d love to get your feedback, if you have any.


4 thoughts on “March Update: 2012 still sluggish but forging ahead

  1. I want to hear your interestingly complicated bike story.

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