The Beginning of the End

It’s been two weeks since the commencement ceremony and also my five-day trip to Alaska.

Now, with the cap and gown stowed away and memories from the Alaska trip still fresh in my mind, the inevitable reality has already begun to sink in.

In December, I will officially graduate from Cal State Fullerton after finishing my last few remaining units. Once that comes to an end, I will find myself transitioning into the next phase of my life.

It’s too early to tell what will happen or what things will be like then. I hope for the best but I expect it will not be an easy one. Regardless, I remain optimistic and I will work to ensure the best possible transition come this December.

Until then, there is certainly a lot to reflect back on.

It is truly amazing to see what a difference four years makes. I started out at Cal State Fullerton in summer 2007 in the midst of some personally chaotic times. At the time, my biological mother came back into my life after many years and I was unsure as to how to personally deal with it.

Since then, I have seen the best of times and the worst of times. Along the way, I made many new friends and lost some as well. New opportunities emerged and it changed my life in ways I never expected.

While I still have six more months left before I close one of the best chapters of my life, I intend to make every last minute count. Networking events, mixers and conferences are just some of the things that will help me close this year–and these wonderful four years–in style.