I’m (Not Quite) Finished with School!!!

Me with CSUF PRSSA President Christa Keizer

Today, I joined hundreds of fellow students participating in the commencement ceremony at Cal State Fullerton. It marks the completion of all the work and effort we put in the last four years to earn this honor.

For me, the significance of the ceremony was dwarfed in part because after today, I still have seven more months left of school. I’m staying put for the summer and fall semesters to complete the few remaining units I have left before I officially graduate in December.

Even though today’s ceremony is purely ceremonial, it was still a day to celebrate. So much also has changed in the last four years, for better and for worse, but it was those triumphs and failures that helped me mature even more as a person.

My cousin Mark, cousin-in-law Jackie and their son Matthew

I feel so honored to have my cousin Mark, cousin-in-law Jackie and their son Matt attend today’s event. Carey Cecil, my high school student council advisor who I have always regarded as a mentor and an inspirational figure in my life, sadly could not attend due to sustaining a major injury recently. I wish her a speedy recovery and hope to meet with her at a future time.

Me with most of the CSUF PRSSA executive board except for the two people on the far left

I am forever grateful for serving on the Cal State Fullerton PRSSA executive board as well as getting to know the members in our chapter. We have had a wonderful year working together on many events and projects as well as spending plenty of time to bond with each other. From PRSSA National Conference in D.C. last October to National Assembly last month and Regional Activity in February to Comm Soiree last month, we accomplished so many great things together.

I am also grateful to serve on the SOAR-CICC council in the last year, working with the Council President and my good friend Mario Davis, advisor Peggy Garcia-Bockman along with the rest of the council. It is such a great honor to serve and help represent PRSSA well on the council.

Today was a day to celebrate, December is when I can officially close the chapter on what has been the most remarkable period of my life. The people I’ve met, the places I’ve visited, the opportunities I have taken advantage of made this the best damn four years of my life ever.

The real countdown begins to December…


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  1. Very nice article Simon. The next time your in the LA area, give me a buzz and we’ll check out a game show to add to your overbearing roster.

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