Looking Ahead to the Foreseeable Future

Even though I do not graduate until December, I have already started thinking about how I can effectively make the transition into the next phase in life.

The last major transition I underwent was the transition between high school and college. Unlike that particular transition where things were more certain, this next transition is anything but certain.

It’s early but I predict that it will be a bit challenging to get used to life after college. Finding a new place, looking for full time work, getting adjusted to new settings are some of the issues I will face within a matter of months.

Potential issues aside, I feel that I’m truly prepared for the real world. I have no problem at all moving somewhere new, considering that I have lived in many different foster homes during the five years I spent in the foster care system. I also feel that I have the sufficient knowledge and skills that will help me in my career but I’m always open to learning new things.

The next 8 months will be the most important ones of my life. At the same time, I will use whatever time I have remaining as a student to take advantage of any and all available opportunities to better prepare myself for the future and ensure greater success and stability in life.

On my next post: Rants in My Pants about the Royal Wedding.