2011: Setting Expectations, Not Resolutions

Happy new year, everyone!

It’s that time of year again where people like to make resolutions. They promise themselves they’ll stop smoking, lose some weight or be nicer to others. It’s no surprise few actually live up to the goals and objectives they make for themselves.

I, for one, never had a New Years resolution. I think it’s meaningless and any commitments to make a change to my lifestyle should start immediately instead of waiting until the first day of a calendar year.

I may not have resolutions but I do have expectations set for myself. This allows me to identify what I need to do to better myself and how to go about doing that without setting any concrete deadlines.

One major expectation I have for this year is to simply work more diligently to improve my academic standing in the closing months of my time as a student at Cal State Fullerton. I wish to finish my education here on a high note before, hopefully, getting accepted to a Master’s Degree program in Transportation Management at San Jose State University.

My other expectation includes preparing myself for the next stage in life after I graduate including securing full-time employment, housing among other things. I think it’s also worth noting that I desire to spend even more time with my relatives than ever before as well as traveling more.

I certainly hope to live up to all of these expectations and achieve these goals. Wouldn’t you do the same?


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