Setting My Sights on Graduate School…

Earlier this week, I officially announced my intent on applying for a Master’s Degree program at San Jose State University before I officially graduate from Cal State Fullerton late next year.

The program I plan to apply for is sponsored and supported by the Mineta Transportation Institute, named after the former U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta.

Ultimately, if accepted, my goal in the program is to work on getting a Master of Science in Transportation Management (MSTM) degree. A certificate program also exists, which I may also consider in the event that I am not fully prepared to pursue my degree just yet but have the ability to take some classes to get a head start.

Although offered by San Jose State, I would not actually be moving up to San Jose and taking classes there. Instead, the classes are conducted via live video teleconferencing at Caltrans district offices located throughout the state including offices in L.A. and O.C. This means I would remain here in southern California where everything and everyone I hold dear belong.

I am a lifelong user of transit of all forms. It wasn’t until recently I decided that I would take that lifelong knowledge and passion I have for transportation and turn it into a career. If I get accepted to this program, it will undoubtedly help guide me in the right direction when it comes to working in a field that has become more important than ever before in this changing world.

For now, I have only made the decision to apply for the program since it is too early for me to apply. More than likely, I will apply for the program in late 2011 in preparation for the spring 2012 semester.

In the meantime, I’ll just sit back and enjoy the ride through my last year here at CSUF, watching the sun slowly setting on another wonderful chapter in my life…


9 thoughts on “Setting My Sights on Graduate School…

  1. Congrats!

  2. Simon, I think you’ll like the graduate program for the Master of Science in Transportation Management. I’ll be graduating in June with my MSTM and it’s been a great program. My focus is on transportation security management., and I’ve enjoyed all the students I’ve met through the live streaming classes. Some of them, I’ve met in person at conferences and graduations, and it’s fun to meet the classmate you interacted with only onscreen. I do hope you join us. Let me know if you need insight or advice. I also work at the Mineta Transportation Institute.


    • Thank you, Donna! I really hope I can join you and everyone else for this wonderful program in the future. I have my heart set on this program and I’ll do everything it takes to get accepted.

  3. Stay in touch. I’ll help you out. You need a 3.o GPA and I think 550 on the GMAT. And there are fellowships, too.


    • Is there a chance I can still get into the program even if my GPA in my very last semester at Cal State Fullerton at the end of next calendar year is at a 2.9? I’m working hard on getting it up over the next few semesters but I want to know just in case.

  4. You’ll have to check with the Education Program Manager about that. She can help you with all the information about qualifications, etc. Her name is Viviann Ferea and her address is You’ll really like her.

    • I just emailed Viviann so hopefully I’ll get a response back from her soon. I hope I can still get into the program even if I graduate with a 2.9 GPA. I’m desperately working hard to get it up to at least 3.0 and I’ll do everything it takes.

  5. Viv is great. She’ll respond pretty quickly. Don’t forget to take the GMAT, too. But you still can enroll and take up to two classes before that score is due.

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