Hashtagged Humor: #rejectedCApropslogans

In this inaugural edition of Hashtagged Humor, I have satirically taken on all of the California ballot propositions that voters like myself will be voting on this Tuesday, Nov. 2. If you don’t live in California, you’ll just simply get a kick out of all of them.

I have compiled all of the tweets I tweeted over on Twitter (try saying that a few thousand times) at @SimonOh from tonight, each tweet including the hashtag #rejectedCApropslogans. Check it out!

#rejectedCApropslogans Yes on 19 – This election is huge and so are my hands!

#rejectedCApropslogans No on 19 – No pot for you!

#rejectedCApropslogans Yes on 20 – Let us draw the lines unlike what Paris Hilton does every morning in Las Vegas

#rejectedCApropslogans No on 20 – We got nothing

#rejectedCApropslogans Yes on 21 – Pay a little bit more for your cars because Yogi Bear needs to feed his son eventually without stealing

#rejectedCApropslogans No on 21 – Who cares about a damn tree? Kids will do fine with our polluted air.

#rejectedCApropslogans Yes on 22 – Back off! This is our money!

#rejectedCApropslogans No on 22 – We have the right to raid whatever we want including panty raids!

#rejectedCApropslogans Yes on 23 – Jobs now, letting our children slowly fry to their deaths in the Inland Empire 20 years from now

#rejectedCApropslogans No on 23 – Stopping what Yes on 23 will do to our children in the Inland Empire 20 years from now.

#rejectedCApropslogans Yes on 24 – Because Pauly Shore needs to get a job again soon and California companies can help!

#rejectedCApropslogans No on 24 – Don’t let our jobs go to Nevada. It’s just a hot, empty desert with no life there.

#rejectedCApropslogans Yes on 25 – It make our jobs easier to spend more of your tax dollars on the Octomom

#rejectedCApropslogans No on 25 – We’re not giving you any more money. This means you, Octomom!

#rejectedCApropslogans Yes on 26 – It’s like sneaking into your parents’ room and stealing their money while not getting caught

#rejectedCApropslogans No on 26 – We’ll nickle and dime you however we want, whether you like it or not.

#rejectedCApropslogans Yes on 27 – The people shouldn’t have a voice like Roger Ebert

#rejectedCApropslogans No on 27 – I give up. Good night, everyone.