Results of Last Month’s Poll Question

Last month, I encouraged everyone to vote on what I should do this summer that I haven’t done before in my life. Here are the results.

56% Go to Disneyland
22% Learn how to ride a bike
11% Learn how to drive
11% Light my trousers on fire
0% Go to the OC Fair

If I’m going to Disneyland, I want someone to go with me. Not because I’m afraid or anything but I prefer going with other people to venues like this. I imagine it would be pretty boring for someone to go to a place like Disneyland alone, especially if that person has never been there before despite living in Southern California almost his entire life.

Learning how to ride a bike? I don’t know. I feel like I’m old enough to learn how to drive so is it really worth it?

As for learning how to drive, what’s the point? I could easily get it done right away but I’m still several years away from being able to afford getting my own car.

If someone can get me some fire-retardant trousers and a blow torch along with some safety gears, let’s talk.

Despite getting no votes on this suggestion, I might as well go to the OC Fair. I went to the LA County Fair last year and that was a complete disaster! I hope this experience will be better.