The OCTA Internship: What a Wonderful Opportunity This Will Be

I began taking OCTA buses as far back as the mid-1990s when I was just about to begin elementary school. I still lived in L.A. at the time but I mainly rode OCTA buses with my father almost every weekend to visit my now-deceased grandmother in Garden Grove. I didn’t have much opinion of the bus system at the time but little did I expect that about 15 years later, I would find myself working for the same public transit agency as an intern.

Yes, it is official: I am now an intern with OCTA, the Orange County Transportation Authority.

I received the call last Tuesday afternoon from a human resources representative at OCTA, informing me that I have been accepted to intern at their Public Communications Department. I had a good feeling about the interview the week before but I was still unsure about what the final decision might be. It was good to know that they decided my communications and writing skills qualified me to handle the tasks and assignments that are to come.

The internship in the Public Communications Department include some pretty important tasks that will involve communicating with the public regarding transportation-related matters in Orange County. Some of my tasks will include working on the e-newsletters every week as well as attending and reporting on transportation-related events in Orange County. I will also embark on other assignments that involve reaching out to the public about what we have to offer, what they should know and how they can get involved.

Being a Communications major emphasizing in Public Relations, this internship was designed for PR students like myself. I feel this internship will give me a greater insight into what it will be like to work in the transportation sector. My ultimate goal is to work in that very same sector where I can help shape the future of mass transit in the United States. Just like education and health care, transportation is just as vital of a sector as those two. The importance of improving mobility, expanding transportation options and encouraging more people to utilize alternative modes of transit would greatly benefit the society, our economy and everything in between.

Thank you to all who have supported me throughout this process and for providing me with all of the encouragement necessary to ensure that I was successful in getting the internship. We did it! We certainly did it!


4 thoughts on “The OCTA Internship: What a Wonderful Opportunity This Will Be

  1. Hi ! I just got a call for an interview and I am really nervous ! Do you remember what questions they asked you during the interview? Thank you !

    • I can’t really remember since this happen a while ago. My guess is that they’ll ask about how you deal with certain challenges and situations, what you have to offer to OCTA and how you can be a valuable asset to the team. Which department is it for? External Affairs? Public Communications? I just vacated that post a few weeks ago to join AmeriCorps in Philadelphia.

  2. Hi there. A week ago I went in for an interview for the octa intern program in contracts administration and materials management. I have not heard back at all yet. Should anticipate a call still? Or should I assume the worst and forget even being called. I feel like they would have enough courtesy to call me and tell me I didn’t get the job. Thanks for any insight

    • Hi Mike,

      It all depends on how long it had been since your interview. If it has been less than two weeks since, give it time. If it has been more than two weeks, follow up with the contact person via email. No matter what, don’t despair. The best thing to do and what I’ve been taught is to assume they will not get back to you after each interview and keep looking elsewhere. If they do respond, that’s when it really matters. Hope this helps.

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