Anyone That Doesn’t Have a Smartphone of Some Kind is Living in the Stone Ages

I upgraded to a BlackBerry a few days ago all while staying within my 2-year contract with T-Mobile. As a result, it extended my contract for another two years, expiring in April 2012. But I don’t care about my contract extension with T-Mobile. I’m very stoked that I finally have some kind of a smartphone after being stuck with something that wasn’t so smart for the last year and a half.


It seems like smartphones are already the next big thing when it comes to mobile phone technology. Just about everyone wants one from iPhones to BlackBerries and Android phones to Google Phones. The advance technologies and the unique features that come with these smartphones persuade so many get one.

In the last few years, I was generally hesitant on getting any kind of smartphones. I really preferred having just a simple cell phone that I can use for calls and text messaging. I really did not see the need to get any kind of phone where I could watch streaming videos or check my emails or use a social networking site where I can report to the whole world that I’m having a sandwich at Arby’s. I thought all that was too much for a phone.
It was within the last year or so when I saw that so many people that I know have iPhones, BlackBerries and the like. It was after observing all the functionalities and capabilities in these phones that I realized that I’m really missing out. It was also during this same time period when I found myself becoming much more busier and more involved in activities at school and elsewhere than ever before. All of these developments served as catalysts for changing my perceptions and attitudes toward smartphones in general.
Now that I own a Blackberry, I can’t ever imagine ever going back to anything less than what I have now. I’m sure most people feel the same way as well with their own sets of technological devices. Why would they ever downgrade themselves or something they have into something that’s far less advanced? Now, I can’t live without things like emails, Facebook, Twitter, unlimited text messaging and so forth.
As the saying goes, “Once you go Black[berry], you can’t go back.”

4 thoughts on “Anyone That Doesn’t Have a Smartphone of Some Kind is Living in the Stone Ages

  1. That’s a pretty wide-ranging statement… but I have no problem living in the “Stone Ages” you describe. It’s not that I have little use for a mobile phone, but I have little use for the cultural shifts I can see them influencing. For now I would rather plan ahead than make things up as I go along, and I enjoy being in a situation where no one can reasonably expect that I will always be reachable.

    At this point, a significant number of North Americans who don’t own mobile phones are, I imagine, standing back from the crowd for their own reasons.

  2. Perhaps I was a bit harsh in my assessment but I am in no way trying to put down anyone that has a regular cell phone. It just seems like that with the constantly-evolving technology, I can’t imagine anyone still wanting just a regular phone but people do have different preferences.

  3. Nah, I didn’t think you were putting folk down. But with that clarification, though, I must be living in the Double Stone Ages or something (or what’s before the Stone Age in this idiom? The Cretaceous) – I just have a landline. I can certainly agree that if anyone’s going to get a phone at this point, it would make more sense to get a bunchafunction smartphone than just some dialcaller.

  4. FYI Android phones ARE Google Phones but with the Blackberry you have barely entered the Iron Age.

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