Winners and Losers: It’s Not a Normal Year

It’s been about two years since my last edition of Winners and Losers. Had to bring it back as so much has gone on in the world since my last edition. As always, I’ll be highlighting people who deserve our deepest respect as well as those who should be called out somehow.


Team U.S.A. – I did not watch the Rio Olympics, which continues my long-standing happenstance tradition of not watching the Olympics. However, the U.S. Olympics team often leads the world in the medal count including gold medals in these games. If those athletes were able to deal with competing in a country dealing with rampant political and socioeconomic turmoil as well as one of their own ruining some of the glory for the rest of our home team, I say they deserve all the credits and sponsorships they can possibly get. Except Ryan Lochte. The man is a douche.

Ellie Goulding – Only because I’ve become a big fan of her music for a full year now. I went to her concert in April at the SAP Center in San Jose and I still listen to her songs on Spotify. I just wanted to throw this in here to vainly make that point clear.

The mother and daughter at this Bernie Sanders rally I attended in Oakland on Memorial Day


Roger Ailes and Bill Cosby – These men both established themselves as monumental figures in news and entertainment, respectively. Their fame, wealth and power allowed them to allegedly mistreat women in such unspeakable ways that, at the end, we see them both in a much different light.

Before their misdeeds became public, I always thought Bill Cosby was generally an okay actor and comedian. Roger Ailes, on the other hand, launched Fox News — a platform that I would say is the worst if not for more rabid right-wing outlets Breitbart that have emerged since then. Nevertheless, I have no respect left for any of these men although I never had an opinion on Ailes anyway.

Bernie-crats – Yes, I was among the millions that supported and voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary here in California back in June.

I always admired Bernie for his genuinely populist streak that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump only pretend to have. I was disappointed but not surprised like everyone else that Sen. Sanders didn’t get far but I have no regrets as I truly believed in his message and still do. I’m skeptical that Hillary Clinton will even care to pursue the same vision and policy proposals Sanders put forth during his campaign. Very, very skeptical.

The American electorate – Oh, what the hell. In this instance, we’re all losers in this election cycle. Unless you are among the handful of people who are genuinely enthusiastic about Trump or Clinton, none of us will get any real satisfaction no matter who gets elected. Even if you’re voting for Jill Stein, Gary Johnson or some other third-party or independent candidate, we all still lose. I’m voting for Stein to break from my usual tradition of voting for a major party ticket. I’m not entirely thrilled about it but it is an option I am choosing to exercise this time around.

If only Pres. Obama could run for a third term in office. I always liked him and probably more now than ever before. His approval ratings in his final year in office is no joke.

What’s your take on these subjects? What’s your take on what I have to say? Chime in below. I’d love to hear from you.

Reflections and Expectations: Lone Star State

Fourth of July, summer in Texas, a full year of yoga and getting my garlic on in Gilroy. Let’s look back at my month that was in the latest Reflections and Expectations.



Independence Day – This year, I marked my first Fourth of July holiday in the Bay Area by attending the Rotary Fireworks show in Downtown San Jose. This continues an annual tradition of watching fireworks shows for this holiday in a different city each year — 2012 in Portland, Oregon; 2013 in Philadelphia (where I lived at the time), 2014 in Los Angeles (my first show in the city even though I grew up there) and 2015 near San Diego. Nothing too special about this year’s festivities in San Jose but still a delight to attend, nonetheless.


On the left: Downtown Dallas from the GeoDeck, same skyline from Perot Museum. On the right: Fort Worth Stockyards, National Videogame Museum in Frisco, Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden.

Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, July 14 to July 17 – I finally was able to get a summer trip in this year after nearly conceding no trips were likely to happen.

I arrived in Dallas a week after the deadly attacks on the Dallas PD and DART police officers. When planning for the trip in June, I originally considered flying in on July 7 — the same night as the attacks — for which I was later glad to have decided on the following week instead. The hotel I stayed at for my first two nights is located only a few blocks north of where it all happened. Even when I arrived, the mood in the city was still somber and tense. Trucks in the region had bumper stickers expressing their solidarity with the police along with some businesses posting signs on their windows displaying similar sentiments. I looked forward to my trip there while keeping a thoughtful mind of the tragic events involving some of the most heroic and bravest individuals around.

I managed to cover a good cross section of the region — parts throughout Dallas proper, Fort Worth, Frisco and Grapevine. Among the notable destinations visited include the Fort Worth Stockyards, GeoDeck atop the Reunion Tower, The Sixth Floor Museum (where Lee Harvey Oswald did his worst), Perot Museum of Nature and Science, National Videogame Museum and the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. I also had the chance to enjoy some of the quintessential Texas cuisine at the restaurants in the region such as Tex Mex, barbecue and Whataburger — all of which were fantastic. For all four days of my trip, I met up with my wonderful friend Nelli Tokleh, who took me around some of the best points of interests and restaurants in the Metroplex.

I should come back here sometime. I like going places where I have friends and the Metroplex is definitely one of them.

One year of yoga! – July 18 marked my first full year or practicing yoga and at The Yoga Studio in Campbell. My first visit since that milestone was on July 20, part of my usual Wednesday night vinyasa class. I never imagined I would keep it up for as long as I have. I love how much yoga has changed my life and I look forward to seeing how it will continue to benefit me in the long run. Namaste.

Gilroy Garlic Festival, July 30 – I attended this garlic-centric festival Saturday for the first time. Tons of great food with garlic infused in some way including garlic ice cream as well as sampling some ribs as part of a BBQ contest there. I liked the festival although I ran out of things to do there about two hours before leaving to take the scheduled Caltrain back to San Jose. Too early to decide whether I’ll go again next year.


  • Jackson Browne – He’s performing Aug. 16 in Downtown San Jose. Unlike the Ellie Goulding concert back in April, the energy level will be quite different but his music is still something to be appreciated.

How’s your summer coming along? Share your thoughts below. I’d love to hear from you.

Reflections and Expectations Special: 2016 Midyear Review

On the left: SJSU convocation ceremony, one year of yoga. On the right: Phoenix, Ellie Goulding, Dallas.

Remember when I laid out this set of expectations for 2016 at the turn of the new year? I’m guessing not but we’ll revisit them anyway for this midyear review.

Within the first six months of the year, I wound up meeting some of these expectations already while others are still ongoing. Join me in this Reflections and Expectations special, looking back at the year that was…so far.

Professional development – Since the beginning of the year, a setback occurred once again in my career. Fortunately, it was a short-lived one.

In March, I was dismissed from my marketing coordinator post after less than a year at the San Jose civil engineering firm Mark Thomas & Company. I departed the company on good terms although I felt better off being let go. While the role helped me reenter the transportation business, I always realized the kind of bigger, better opportunities I wanted did not and will not exist at this company.

Three months later in late June, I joined VSCE — a small civil engineering firm in Downtown Oakland — as an outreach project analyst. This role marked a return to my roots in community relations in transportation, working with transportation agencies as clients of the firm. I’m currently working for the company on a part-time, temporary basis with a determination to be made in the fall regarding my future in this organization. Either way, I’m glad to be back to where I really want to be in this business and I remain committed to making sure I stay on track for a more successful career.

Family relationships – There are no major developments on this front. Such relationships remain stable although I still remain emotionally neutral as it relates to my biological mother in South Korea.

To fulfill a moral obligation, I invited my mother to the convocation ceremony at San Jose State University in June (more on that milestone below) as my only guest. While I initially objected to having her attend (pressure from some of my relatives led to this move), she proved me wrong by becoming a welcoming presence. In hindsight, I wish I could have done more on my part in making her feel like a truly visible part of my life in front of others in attendance that weekend. However, there were understandable limitations such as language barriers that hindered such efforts. Still, I believe we both benefitted from each other’s presence last month. As for what this means for the two of us going forward? It’s still anyone’s guess.

Healthy living – I found in recent months that I have become more proactive than expected on this front.

After recovering from a migrane headache in early March, I somehow started cutting back on sugar consumption. I found myself snacking less on candies and cookies in favor of fruits like blueberries, in particular. I still enjoy a cookie or an ice cream now and then but it is chocolate candies (think Snickers, Twix and the like) I have continued to move away from ever since.

I still practice yoga every Wednesday night at The Yoga Studio in Campbell. In fact, I celebrated my first full year of practicing yoga and at this particular studio this past week. I love how much yoga has benefitted my life in a variety of ways and I look forward to keeping at it to see where it takes me.

I’m also looking into other forms of activities throughout the year — hiking, bike riding, Krav Maga among others. This is probably the most physically active state I’ve ever been in my entire life. For as long as time and money permits, I hope to stay fit in a variety of ways that suit me.

Driving – I finally obtained a driver’s license for the first time on April 15. Even with that in hand, I’m still sticking with transit and Uber / Lyft as I have little need or desire to drive. Since then, I have driven on a few occasions using the company car or Zipcars for various purposes. Driving does have its own perks although transit and other means, while imperfect, are more economical and earth-friendly. I grew up with transit so I’m not letting that go…ever.

End of grad school – The pomp and circumstance that is the convocation ceremony is behind us. Now, I simply have to return in October to finish out my 10th and final course for the Master of Science in Transportation Management degree program at SJSU. Is it December yet?

Phoenix and Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Trips – I wound up taking trips to two new destinations this year — Phoenix in January and Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in July. What’s great about these two cities were that I had friends in both cities I could visit, ensuring those weren’t just another set of trips where I’d be exploring the regions alone. I enjoyed both dearly.

Among others

  • I was a guest on a SiriusXM radio show in March!
  • Ellie Goulding concert in April: One of the greatest highlights of my life this year.
  • After five years of supporting my friend’s family by way of monetary donations, I finally joined the Canedy family at the Saddleback College in Mission Viejo in early June for the Relay for Life weekend. Being surrounded by some of my closest friends and their family makes me miss SoCal.

That’s where things stand in my life as of now. How about yours? What’s 2016 been like for you? What are your expectations for the rest of the year? Share your thoughts below. I’d love to hear from you.

Reflections and Expectations: Pomp and Circumstance

Feel free to run this music as you read on.

All set? Let’s look back at the month that was in the latest Reflections and Expectations.


Relay for Life, June 4 & 5 – I joined the Canedy family — by association of my friends, Robin and Brett — and their friends for this weekend-long fundraising event at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo. After donating money to their Green for Bean team over the last five years, I was finally able to join them by participating in the event. I mainly contributed by taking turns walking laps around the track in the campus’ football field. The team as a whole walked 262 laps that weekend and I was proud to have walked as many as I could for them.

The American Cancer Society hosts Relay for Life events in communities across the country each year, benefitting cancer patients and survivors as well as raising funds to support research for a cure to this disease. The Canedy family has been participating for 11 years after their grandfather passed away from cancer in 2003. Having known this family through Robin and Brett over the last six years, I am grateful I was able to catch up with them over that weekend and support this great group of individuals I am glad to call friends. It became somewhat emotional for me as well because I greatly value their relationships but do not get to see them as much. This was good for all of us in many ways.

California presidential primary election, June 7 – Yes, I voted in the much-ballyhooed Golden State presidential primary election. I voted for Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination, Kamala Harris for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) among a bunch of other Democrats in local, state and federal offices. I’m disappointed Bernie will not be the nominee although it was always a long shot. I’m voting Green for the first time ever in November as I have soured on Hillary Clinton over the course of this election cycle.


MTI convocation ceremony at SJSU, June 18 – The Mineta Transportation Institute hosted this ceremony for graduates of the Master of Science in Transportation Management degree program at San Jose State University. While my official end in the program won’t come until December after finishing out one more course, the ceremony was the time for recognition and celebration.

Despite a series of personal and professional setbacks over the last six months that threatened to damper the significance of this event for me, it all worked out in so many ways at the end. I met with fellow classmates, instructors, industry leaders and professionals and even some elected officials. My most notable encounter was with the living legend himself — former USDOT Sec. Norman Mineta, founder of his namesake research institution.

It was a gratifying and exciting moment as I rarely get in front of a large group of people, for which I’m one of the few people that doesn’t see that as scary. I learned a great deal from the program as it helps me develop into a more competent, well-rounded transportation professional who is prepared to take on management roles in this business down the line. I’m forever grateful for all the people, inside and outside of the program, who became some of my best supporters and mentors over the course of this effort.

Back to work, June 22 – Four days after that last item (and partly as a result of said event), I joined VSCE as an outreach project analyst. At this small civil engineering firm based in Downtown Oakland (close to BART and many fantastic restaurants!), I’m brought on in a part-time role to work on proposals and community outreach for local transportation clients in the Bay Area. A determination regarding a promotion to a full-time status will be determined this fall.

This new role marks a return to my roots in community relations in transportation, a kind of opportunity that’s been difficult to find since the end of my two-year internship at the Orange County Transportation Authority in August 2012. Regardless of how long my current role lasts, I’m glad to be back to where I really belong in my career. I’ve been long overdue for a comeback.


  • Fourth of July – It appears I will be staying in town this year for the Independence Day holiday. Each year since 2012, I either traveled to a different city or lived in a city where I previously have never attended fireworks shows. The Bay Area will become another new place for me to enjoy this holiday with plans to attend a show in San Francisco or San Jose.
  • Dallas – Later in the month, I’ll make my first visit to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex to meet up with a long-time friend of mine living there as well as to check out the rest of the region itself. Glad to finally get a summer trip in somewhere.
  • One year of yoga! – July 18 marks my first full year of practicing yoga anywhere! I still practice vinyasa yoga almost every Wednesday night at The Yoga Studio in Downtown Campbell. I love how yoga has changed my life thus far and I am eager to see how it continues to help going forward.

Enough about my month. How was yours? I’d love to hear from you by sharing your thoughts below.

On This Sunday: Pomp and Circumstance

On Saturday night at San Jose State University, I participated in the convocation ceremony for graduates of the Master of Science in Transportation Management degree program, administered by the Mineta Transportation Institute.

While my actual finish in the program will come in December, last night was the time for celebration. Here are the highlights.


The 10 of us that make up the Class of 2016.


All hooded up, post-ceremony.

On This Sunday: Now what?

The last three weeks of my life have seen some interesting developments, ranging from noteworthy to downright emotional. That streak hasn’t ended just yet…at least not today.

Over the last three weeks,…

  • I have been reeling over losing out on a particular job I really wanted. With my job search now into its third month, I’m still looking for that next new opportunity…wherever and whenever it may be. One thing I hope is that this doesn’t become a repeat of the troubles I went through between 2012 and 2015.
  • I attended my first political rally when Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) hosted an event in Downtown Oakland on Memorial Day. I voted for him in the much-ballyhooed California primary on June 7. I’m disappointed by the eventual results although it was always a long-shot of a chance for the nomination
  • On the weekend of June 4, I participated in the Relay for Life event at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo. I was there to join the family of a couple of my long-time friends for this effort, supporting cancer survivors and raising money for cancer research. Glad to catch up with them and support their efforts, having greatly valued this group of individuals over the last six years.

This Saturday night (June 18), I am participating in the convocation ceremony for the Mineta Transportation Institute graduate students at San Jose State University. While I will be going through all the usual pomp and circumstances, my official finish in the program won’t come until December as I need to return in October to take my 10th and final course. Much like in 2011 with Cal State Fullerton, another lame-duck academic session is abound.

All of this has weighed heavily on me, especially in an emotional sense. The last few weeks reminded me of some of the past problems that pervaded my career and personal relationships. On a professional level, fears of whether I can ever again land stable work in my field has reemerged. On a personal level, I’m reminded of how much I miss being geographically close to the people I truly value most as my past career troubles twice forced me to relocate from SoCal.

As the title of this blog suggests, anything goes. Currently, there are people and things in life that warrant some kind of reassessment. However it all turns out, I hope to find some kind of a balance soon.

Reflections and Expectations: Let It Bern


Let’s Get Moving! Summit, cover page of my capstone research report and feeling the Bern in Downtown Oakland.

A peaceful yet somewhat busy month, leading into a potentially bigger one ahead. Let’s look back at the month that was in the latest Reflections and Expectations.


Let’s Get Moving! Summit, May 7 – I volunteered for this all-day event hosted by TransForm at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley office in Mountain View. I was a note-taker for the event’s breakout sessions, which dealt with topics on how to better address Bay Area’s constantly-growing and challenging transportation and housing needs. I enjoyed myself here — both as a volunteer and an active participant of the sessions. In one session, I lead the discussion in a break-out group about alternative transportation solutions during a potential closure for Caltrain’s electrification project.

Grad school research project – Finally finished with my capstone research project for the Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI) at San Jose State University. The topic of my research project deals with social media and public engagement in transportation organizations. I decided to go with this topic as I possess past professional experience working in this area and after consulting with fellow transportation professionals who work in similar concentrations. I’m submitting the report to MTI by the end of this week, following some final rewrites and finishing touches.


Bernie Sanders in Oakland – On Memorial Day, I went up to Downtown Oakland at the Frank Ogawa Plaza as the independent senator from Vermont hosted a rally for his presidential campaign. This was in advance of the crucial June 7 California primary election, for which I will be participating in my first presidential primary election since I moved to nearby Santa Clara County from L.A. in late 2014.

This is the first campaign rally I have ever attended and I’m glad it was a Bernie Sanders rally. Without droning on too long about my now-obvious political leanings, I find him to be a transformative figure unlike no other who connects well with and inspires millions of people across the country. His odds of winning the presidency are long but I’m fully committed to Bernie for as long as he is a candidate for President of THESE United States of America.


  • Relay for Life weekend – I’ll be in Mission Viejo this weekend, supporting a friend and his family as part of their annual participation in this event. I always donated money to their cause and now, I can finally join them this time.
  • MTI convocation ceremony – At least for me, it’ll be purely ceremonial since I have to return in October to finish out my 10th and final course in the program. This is the only time of the year when such an event takes place so why sit out?

How was your month? What are you looking forward to in June? Share your thoughts below. I’d love to hear from you.